Informed September 2019

Pay campaign update

The NEC was provided with an update on the developments of the national public sector pay campaign.

A number of consultation meetings have been taken place in the delegated areas to discuss possible action over pay.  Further meetings will take place throughout November and members will be kept updated as to the outcome of these discussions.

Four months on from PCS members delivering the highest yes vote and turnout in the history of the union, the NEC is determined to secure the pay rise members need and deserve.

The NEC also received details of a response received from the Prime Minister in response to a letter sent by PCS regarding the living wage. This was following a question in the House of Commons from Labour MP Catherine West, who asked if the PM would commit every entry-level worker and cleaner in Whitehall being paid the living wage. PCS has asked for further assurances from the PM and members will be kept informed of any further correspondence.



Staff at the DVSA in Swansea and Nottingham voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action. Industrial action was taken between August and September. The walkout represents the beginning of a rolling programme of action by staff across the DVSA, which could cause massive disruption to the service.

PCS members employed by Aramark and ISS in catering and cleaning services in BEIS have been on indefinite strike action since July this year. Following negotiations, Government minister Andrea Leadsom announced all staff would be given the London Living Wage. The finer details of the offer are still being discussed but this was a brilliant campaign led by brave and inspiring workers.

The NEC was given an update on the ongoing outsourced Interserve workers dispute at the Foreign Office. Following 14 days of strike action, members will be re-balloted for further action. The NEC were all in agreement that the brave action taken by BEIS workers serves as an inspiration to those Foreign Office taking action.



With a snap election now almost inevitable, a Special NEC was convened to discuss Brexit and general election strategy. The NEC agreed the damage to the economy, public services and the loss of jobs would be disastrous and that we will campaign against a no-deal Brexit.

The NEC agreed that we should call for a general election, on our terms, as the only means of resolving the current political situation. A position agreed by the NEC was that we need to get the Tories out of government as soon as possible so a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government can transform the economy, invest in our public services and deliver on a range of pledges affecting PCS members.

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