Online conference registration up and running

26 Mar 2021

Registration for the online PCS national and group conferences is now live and we want to see more branches than ever signing up.

The first step for branches is to set up a PCS Digital account, which only takes a matter of minutes. Read the guide on getting started.

There is no limit on the number of people who can represent their branch at group and national conference this year. But each branch needs to select one member of the delegation as the voting delegate to cast votes on behalf of the branch.

Registration for national conference, which takes place on 13 and 14 June, closes on 26 May, and for group conferences the deadline is 20 working days before start of each group conference.

All members in the delegation must have an up to date PDC Digital profile, including a subscribed personal email address.

Read the branch registration guide.

Increasing diversity and representation

Currently, 60% of our members are women but only 33.2% of delegates to our last annual delegate conference in 2019 were women.

We are urging branches to make positive efforts to achieve at least 50/50 gender balance on conference delegations, and encourage black, disabled and young members to sign up.

Our conferences set the agenda for PCS for the next 12 month so even if you can only spare a couple of hours it will be worthwhile to see how your union works and debates, so contact your rep to find our more. And you won’t be under pressure to speak in debates unless you want to.

Time off

This year national conference is on a Sunday and Monday. We expect many members will not have facility time – agreed time off for union business - for attendance at national and group conferences. We are therefore asking delegates to make alternative arrangements to attend, such as booking annual leave, if necessary.

It is of the greatest importance that our branches and members are involved in our democratic processes. ADC national and group conferences are vital for the union’s democracy, shaping deciding the union’s national and group policies so please get involved.

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