Outsourced workers in 2 government departments striking in next fortnight

06 Jun 2019

Outsourced workers at two government departments are to hold strikes in consecutive weeks starting on Monday (10) in ongoing disputes over pay and conditions.

Interserve members at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are striking for 5 days on Monday, because the multinational has refused to recognise the union and have made repeated blunders on pay, leaving many low-paid workers struggling to make ends meet. Our Interserve FCO members held 4 days of action last month and are struggling financially due to an imposed change of pay date, resulting in members not being paid since the 28 April.

Picket lines outside the FCO will be from 7.30-10.30am next week, except for Friday (14) when there won’t be a picket line.

The following week it is the turn of Amarak and ISS members at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy who are striking from 17 June.

ISS and Aramark, which operate at BEIS, have refused to pay the London Living Wage (LLW) and cleaners at ISS have also struggled to survive due to non-payment of wages.

The situation has become so dire that the PCS BEIS branch set up a foodbank last month in a bid to help struggling ISS workers.

Aramark catering members will be embarking on their 11th day of strike action this year - 15 in total at the end of these upcoming strikes. The cleaners, now employed by ISS, will be embarking on their 8th day of strike action - 12 in total at the end of these upcoming strikes, starting in January when they were employed by Engie, with a pause while members were re-balloted after ISS took over the contract in March.

Security, porters and post room staff, also now employed by ISS, will be embarking on their 4th day of strike action - 6 in total at the end of these upcoming strikes, with their strikes starting in January when they were also employed by Engie.

Support the strikers

Themed activities are taking place next week starting on Monday when, to coincide with leadership week at the FCO, we will call on foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt to be a real leader by sorting out this dispute on his own patch. The following day the strikers will walk from the picket line to the Houses of Commons to lobby their MPs, while on Wednesday there’s a trade union solidarity day where we want to get as many unions as possible along with their branch banners to show solidarity with the strikers, with speakers from 8.45am including PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka.

How you can support the Interserve strikers

How to support the ISS and Aramark strikers

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