Parliamentary security staff start strike ballot

14 Feb 2019

A ballot of PCS members employed as security staff across the parliamentary estate begins today (14 February).

The industrial action ballot involves all security staff and centres around longstanding issues over rest breaks, seeking settlements for members and the reinstatement of a colleague.

Support for PCS members has already come from many MPs, including, notably Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who paid tribute to our members citing they are “essential to the functioning of parliament and help to keep thousands of people who work in and visit the Palace of Westminster safe every day”.

And further that “We must lead by example when it comes to workers' rights, and I will be encouraging Labour Members of Parliament, and Members of Parliament from across all parties, to support the security guards in seeking what is right and fair.”

We believe the Palace of Westminster needs to pay serious attention to the demands of a key part of their workforce.

Our hardworking members are only asking for what is fair and just. We hope to avoid what could be a damaging dispute and throughout the ballot period will be talking to management representatives to try to come to a resolution.

The ballot will run for two weeks and close on 28 February.

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