PCS ballot for change in DVSA closes in one week

11 Jul 2019

If you are a PCS member working for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) there is still time to vote in our ballot for industrial action, including striking, in a long-running dispute over changes to terms and conditions.

The ballot, which runs until noon on 19 July, centres on DVSA management’s refusal to consult meaningfully having imposed working practices, and restructures that are impacting detrimentally to members’ terms and conditions and their jobs.

You need to post as soon as possible to ensure your paper arrives by 19 July.  

Over the last 3 years PCS negotiators have put forward a range of suggestions and proposals to try to end the dispute we have had with DVSA since the so-called ‘modernising employment contracts’ was introduced. DVSA management has rejected all of these. However, they have not only rejected these proposals but have gone further in seeking to treat PCS members and their representatives as hostile employees.

This action, should members vote for it, will lead to the cancellation and stoppage of car driving tests, LGV, coach and bus tests, roadside commercial checks in London and the South East, IT services, approved driving instructor services, and vehicle examiners support teams, including the processing of LGV tests, substantially affecting the haulage industry.

We want members to vote yes in the ballot, which runs until noon on 19 July, against:

  • Longer working days
  • Lack of redundancy consultation, staffing shortages and increasing workloads
  • Travel time inequality.


If you have any questions about the ballot email Midsbargaining@pcs.org.uk

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