PCS ballot to run 18 June to 23 July

30 May 2018

PCS members in the civil service and related areas will be balloted for strike action over pay from 18 June to 23 July, which could see 150,000 workers walk out this summer.

The decision to ballot was taken by delegates following a vote at the union’s annual conference in Brighton last week, to support our 2018 pay claim, which calls for a fully-funded 5% pay rise.

The government has refused to fund more than a 1% pay increase this year, with anything higher paid for by even more cuts. Civil servants in the Scottish Government, and staff in the NHS and local councils have all been offered pay rises of above 1%.

Now our members and representatives need to be ready to win the statutory ballot on pay. A strong yes vote will give us a mandate and strengthen position in talks, so the more members that vote for action the more the government has to treat us with respect and fairly. We won’t however call industrial action without consulting with members first.

Changes to ballot laws mean that to take strike action, more than 50% must vote. This means that anyone who does not vote, effectively counts as a No vote. Also the law means we can’t use on-line voting. The government have tried to make it as hard as possible for union members to vote for strike action.

We deserve a pay rise

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Our members deserve a fair pay rise to make up for years of pay restraint. But we have been told there is only 1% in the budget for pay unlike other parts of the public sector. This a betrayal of the government’s own workforce, who will be the only public sector workers still covered by the 1% pay cap. In order to strengthen our position in talks I would urge members to vote in this ballot, and to vote yes.”

New members can vote

The deadline for new members to join and be included in the ballot is noon, Friday 13 July, members who have completed an application to join PCS but are not recorded on our membership database commix by this deadline will not be included in the ballot.

Procedures are in place for new members joining throughout the balloting period to be included in the ballot and therefore there is no need to request ballot papers.

Replacement ballot papers

Members should allow until Tuesday, 26 June to receive their original ballot paper, if this is not received by then, members should contact the PCS balloting office directly to request a replacement ballot paper by emailing balloting@pcs.org.uk

The email must contain details of your request, either your membership or national insurance number and your ballot address, including postcode. Ballot addresses are required to enable us to check the details we hold on commix and update as required before issuing a replacement ballot paper. Alternatively, balloting can be contacted on 020 7801 2810. Please have your membership or National Insurance number to hand.

The deadline for requesting a replacement ballot paper is noon on Monday 16 July.

Requests for replacement ballot papers must come directly from the member, under no circumstances are reps able to request replacement ballot papers or provide us with a member’s personal information on their behalf.

When the ballot opens on 18 June we need members to vote yes, return their ballot paper and make this year the one we get above inflation pay rises.

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