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A fresh approach to fighting racism and fascism

Mohammed blogs on the importance of the relaunched PCS Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascist Strategy (ARAF).

Lessons in Safety

Jasmine blogs about the importance of having a health and safety rep in every workplace to protect members, and how PCS online training has helped her to get involved.

Participation is key to prevailing on pay

These are still extremely challenging times and your continued hard work is keeping the country going during the Covid-19 crisis.

Use this energy to help keep our members safe

This year has seen unprecedented challenges for our members across the civil service and related areas, who are dealing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remembering the Spirit of Pride

Kris looks ahead to the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the cancellation of Pride events during the ongoing pandemic.

Zooming into mental health awareness

Jane blogs about her recent positive experience of attending a PCS mental health awareness course via Zoom.

National Windrush Day: Still a long way to go for justice

Monday 22 June is National Windrush Day and events will be taking place, many online, to celebrate the date that passengers from the Caribbean disembarked from the MV Empire Windrush, at the Port of Tilbury, to start new lives in the UK. Zita argues that National Windrush Day cannot truly be celebrated until there is Windrush justice.

Continuing our campaigning work

Fran's blog is based on a speech that she gave at the People Before Profit national co-ordinating meeting on 14 June, which included contributions from other union speakers and also MPs.

Grenfell 3 year anniversary

Zita blogs about how the struggle for answers and justice is still going on for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Why I'm supporting the PCS Dying For Sick Pay campaign

Ray explains why all workers on outsourced government contracts should be entitled to occupational sick pay from day one for the duration of the coronavirus crisis and after it has ended

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