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How does the Bank of England base rate rise affect your mortgage?

Caroline Barrett, affinity relations manager for PCS partner, financial advice firm, Lighthouse Group PLC, assesses how the Bank of England’s decision to double its base rate, from 0.25% to 0.5% affects your mortgage.

Why I am on strike next week in DVSA

One of our reps in the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency tells us why he and his colleagues are taking strike action.

Universal Credit’s broken promises

Lizzie Flew, senior communications and campaigns officer at Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), says that Universal Credit will achieve neither of the government's professed goals of reducing poverty and offering greater rewards from work

Vote yes to start living

PCS member Reeta Mahey shares why she’s voting yes in the PCS consultative pay ballot which runs until noon on Monday (6 November).

50 years on it's time to remove abortion from criminal law

PCS NEC member Karen Watts argues that 50 years after the Abortion Act 1967 was passed, it's time to remove abortion from criminal law

PCS member Jordan is a member of PCS Proud who identifies as asexual

Following PCS Proud’s decision to include asexuality in its constitution, PCS member Jordan shares why this move was welcome news for asexual members like him

I don't give less, but I get much less in return

Kate, who works for the Prison Service, told us how she has had to cut back because of the pay cap.

To achieve LGBT equality we need your support

In the second of 2 blog posts responding to the news that more people in the UK are identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) in the UK, PCS Proud rep Kris Hendry says to truly achieve LGBT equality we need your support

17 October: I'm marching because I can't afford to plan for the future

John (not his real name), who works at a DWP service centre, explains why he's marching for fair pay on 17 October and voting yes in our consultative pay ballot

17 October: march to increase the pressure on the government

Margaret (not her real name), who works for the Department for Transport, explains why she's marching for fair pay in London on Tuesday (17 October) and voting yes in our consultative pay ballot

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