Why I'm voting yes in the PCS pay ballot

PCS member Aidan explains why he’s voting yes in our consultative ballot on pay which runs from 9 October to 6 November

I’m voting yes in the upcoming pay ballot because I am against real term pay cuts for our tireless public sector workers. Public sector workers have kept the country running behind the scenes in the face of vast swathes of cuts to funding and deserve better than the punitive 1% pay cap.

The longer the 1% pay cap continues in the face of rising inflation the larger our decline in earnings will be over time. I would urge everybody to send a message to the current government that we will not accept the continuing and sustained attack on the public sector, and by voting yes to both questions on the ballot, we can make the government pay attention to the discontent felt among workers about the vision they have for our current and future wage packets.

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