Durham Miners’ Gala made me feel part of a huge welcoming community

Amy Allen, PCS London young members’ convenor, describes the huge interest in PCS campaigns and amazing camaraderie at the Durham Miners’ Gala

On Saturday I was at the 133rd Annual Durham Miners’ Gala. This was an experience I am so glad I was able to be a part of. Every time I looked around I just kept thinking to myself, "wow, this is amazing". 

The sense of community was something out of this world. People of all ages from all over the country coming together to march together. It makes you feel like you were part of a huge welcoming community. Not only our PCS community but each trade union as a whole. 

Even if people weren't in the parade they would stand and cheer you on, which made me feel so proud of what we were doing. I was proud to be showing people I was a part of the PCS Young Members’ Committee, and I was participating in something that was so important for Durham and trade unionists all around the country.

There was lots of activity at the PCS stall with many signing petitions for our causes. People were more than happy to sign when they learned there were petitions to reinstate the 8 members of staff at EHRC who were unethically fired by email, and to oppose the closures announced at our DWP offices.

The stage welcomed many speakers, none more welcome than Jeremy Corbyn. His presence drew in record crowds to the gala. His speech uplifted the crowd and invigorated people to get active and help make our country a better place for the many and not the few. 

The joyous atmosphere and high enthusiasm for Corbyn was clearly shown before his speech drew to a close, the chanting for him to keep speaking was heard across the gala. It was such great fun, and I honesty urge anyone who hasn't yet been able to attend either just to watch or to march along. Please do go next year.

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