PCS pay ballot – stand together to win better pay for everyone

PCS DWP member Fiona explains why she’s voting yes in our consultative pay ballot which runs from 9 October to 6 November

I will be voting yes in the consultative ballot because for far too long, civil servants have been receiving “pay rises” well below the rate of inflation – which means they are therefore pay cuts. Rent has gone up, bills and groceries have gone up and our wages have gone down.

The government is currently seeking to divide us, by offering to scrap the cap for some but not all – mainly for those civil servants in uniform, like the police, while leaving those who are less in the public eye to make ends meet on rapidly dwindling pay cheques. Of course, what they’ve offered our uniformed colleagues is still not enough. We all deserve to have our wages raised above the rate of inflation, so we aren’t going to work only to become poorer.

We all work hard together. If we can stand together too, we can ensure better pay for everyone.

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