To achieve LGBT equality we need your support

In the second of 2 blog posts responding to the news that more people in the UK are identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) in the UK, PCS Proud rep Kris Hendry says to truly achieve LGBT equality we need your support

In Proud we know that issues of LGBT discrimination continue in many of the workplaces in which we organise, working with members and branches to support LGBT members who have been harassed and on occasion attacked because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and tackling inappropriate behaviours and attitudes.

Even within the LGBT community the experiences of discrimination can vary greatly based on differing factors. For example, responses from those identifying specifically as transgender were higher at two in five experiencing discrimination in the previous twelve months. Responses from those within the black LGBT community showed that 34% had experienced hate crime, compared to just 20% among the white LGBT respondents.

In Proud, we recognise that many of our members are not just LGBT but also face barriers because of being black, or female, or disabled, or because they are young, or for any possible combination therein. And we don’t believe that to tackle LGBT inequality our members should have to leave the rest of themselves at the door.

Get involved

That is why we have positions on our national committee for those who also fall within each of our union’s other equality groups, to help ensure the work set out by our members is done with consideration to how it impacts on all LGBT members across the rest of the equality spectrum.

However, to ensure we can continue to do so and truly achieve LGBT equality for our members and the wider community we need your support by:

  • Holding a workplace event - There are many important dates for LGBT equality, why not host a workplace event to raise awareness of PCS and LGBT equality among your colleagues. Contact Proud if you require any assistance.
  • Getting Involved - Proud holds its annual general meeting each year, traditionally late February/early March, where Proud members elect our national committee with various positions available including regional and equality representatives to ensure the work of Proud reflects our full membership. Members can also submit motions to instruct the committee on their priorities for the coming year.

Proud encourages all LGBT members in PCS to join Proud today and get involved. Tell us how you want to see Proud move forward as we continue the fight for true LGBT equality. If you have any questions then you can contact email, all contact is treated in the strictest confidence.

You can also follow Proud on Facebook and Twitter for updates on our work and from across the rest of the trade union LGBT movement.

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