Voting yes to get the pay rise I deserve

Kris tells us why he's has voted yes to industrial action over pay

I'm voting yes to get the pay rise I deserve. We've been held back for far too long. For the government to say that austerity is over, but to deny a proper pay rise to its own staff is quite frankly an insult. I've been a civil servant for 8 years and there seems to be more and more month at the end of the money.

A 10% pay rise for me would mean not having to live in shared accommodation in order to save money.

All our members have a role to play in getting us over the line. Whether that's getting involved in phone banking, handing out leaflets or even down to speaking to your colleagues and making sure that they remember to vote, or encouraging them to join the union if they’re not already a member, everyone has a part to play.

By working together we can show this government how we feel and that they can’t ignore the voices of so many hard working civil servants.

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