Fighting for a living wage on a liveable planet - support the Climate Strike 20 September

Luis tells us how climate change is impacting his home country in ways which are often hidden from the climate disasters on our TV screens.

We know that climate change is affecting the whole planet and so also my country, Ecuador, one of the most beautiful countries in South America.

Although Ecuador is not a major contributor to climate change like the bigger world powers, it is a country that is very vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change due to the fragility of its ecosystems - its Andean forests, páramos (the highest regions of the Andes mountains), tropical forests and its marine and coastal areas.

Climate change is deeply affecting the way of life and activities of the inhabitants of the country, such as farmers, beekeepers, cattle ranchers, and tourism among others.

Our farmers know almost exactly the dates when they need to sow their seeds and harvest their crops, but now, as a result of climate change, they cannot be sure when we are in summer or winter as the seasons are changing, with very hot or very cold days, days with too much rain or very dry days. Due to the increase in the temperature, the snowy mountain peaks are melting, affecting the ecosystem of our country.

For this reason, Ecuador is signed up to international agreements that commit the country to work with its people to reduce CO2 emissions, toxic waste and refuse. But as long as the big capitalists do not change their ways, they will continue to destroy our planet and life on earth.

PCS is calling on all members to take solidarity action on 20 September to support the student climate strikers.  But we are also asking you to show solidarity with PCS members such as Luis, on that day as well.

PCS members working for Aramark and ISS on the BEIS contract began indefinite industrial action on 15 July and on 22 July were joined for 5 days by ISS members in security, post room and porterage.  They are fighting for a London Living Wage.  Please join them on the picket line on 20 September to march together in solidarity to the London rally for climate justice.

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