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Image of Abe Allen

Abe is the deputy young members’ convenor for the London and South East region and also his branch's learning co-ordinator.

Image of Adriana Morgan

Adriana is the new Wales deputy convenor on the PCS Young Members' Committee and works for the Welsh Government

Image of Alex Tatters

Alex works for the HMRC in Peterlee.  She is branch rep and H&S officer.

Image of Austin Harney

Austin works for the Office of the Public Guardian in London. He holds a number of branch positions and is also a member of the PCS national disabled members' forum, the national executive committee and is on the TUC disabled workers' committee.

Callum works for the Land Registry in Durham and is the deputy regional young members' convenor for the northern region.

An apprentice with the Department for Work and Pensions

Image of Claudine

Claudine Campbell works for HMRC and is the Midlands regional representative on the PCS National Black Members Committee.

Photo shows Col Brown PCS MOJ Humber Branch secretary

Col is PCS MOJ Humber Branch secretary and has more than 40 years of public service

Image of Danielle Biscoe

Danielle works for HMRC in London.  She is the young members' convenor for her region and also a member of the national young members' committee.

Photos shows PCS young member David Anderson

David is the PCS Northern Region young members’ convenor

Photo shows Declan Henry PCS North West young members’ convenor

PCS North West young members’ convenor

Image of Donald Campbell

Donald works for the DWP in Northamptonshire.  He is the newly elected young members’ convenor for Midlands region.

Image of Erika

Erika is the young members’ convenor for Yorkshire & Humber region and works for HMRC in Leeds.

Image of Fiona Brittle

Fiona Brittle works for the Scottish Government. She is an NEC member and the young members' NEC liaison officer.

Image of Floyd Codlin

Floyd Codlin is PCS ARMS and former chair of PCS South British Library. He is the culture group representative on the PCS National Black Members' Committee.

Fran was elected national president for PCS this year. She was DWP group president for 7 years and is the Northern regional committee chair. 

Gary is PCS rep and head porter at the Foreign Office

PCS North West young member

Image of Hannah Mason

Hannah Mason works for HMRC in Nottingham.  She is branch secretary and branch disability rep.

Image of Holly Allison

Holly is a young member working for HMRC in East Kilbride.  She has recently been elected to the Scotland young members' committee.

President of PCS

Campaigner Janine Booth

Janine Booth is a writer, trainer, campaigner and co-chair of the TUC Disabled Workers' Committee

Image of John Law

John Law works in Edinburgh and is the young members’ deputy convenor for Scotland.

Image of Julia McMurray

Julia works for HMRC in East Kilbride.  She is her branch women's officer and also represents women at group level.

Image of Keith Brockie

Keith is group organiser and assistant secretary of the Scottish Government group and a member of the national disabled members’ forum.

Image of Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott is the national young members’ committee vice chair

Image of Kris Hendry

Kris Hendry was elected chair of PCS Proud, the union's LGBT equality network, in November 2018.

Image of Kris Rowe

Kris is acting chair of the national young members' committee.  He works for the Home Office on Merseyside.

Laura Reardon is branch vice chair and branch youth officer for the Land Registry in Durham.  She started working at the Land Registry as an apprentice and is now a permanent employee.

Image of Lauren Black

Lauren is a young member and a union learning rep working for HMRC in Cumbernauld.

Reporting on the latest learning initiatives.

Image of Luis Cruz

Luis Chisaguano Cruz was born and spent most of his life in Ecuador, but the economic and political situation forced him to emigrate with his family to Europe. As a professional plumber he had a stable job in Spain until the economic crisis again forced him to emigrate, this time to the UK. Despite the  language difficulties he managed to find work as a cleaner in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. He has been on strike for the real living wage and better terms and conditions since January 2019.

Photo of Lynn Henderson national political officer for PCS

Lynn has been a full-time officer with PCS Scotland since 2005 and is PCS national officer for Scotland and Ireland. She has been active in the labour and trade union movement for over 30 years and is chair of Politics for the Many.

Photo shows Marco Griffiths PCS Wales young member convenor 

Marco is the PCS Wales young member convenor 

Image of Martin Birkett

Martin works for the Rural Payments Agency in Workington, Cumbria.  He is chair of the PCS northern region disability network.

Programme director at the Fair Tax Mark, which shows the companies and organisations who are proud to pay their fair share of tax and contribute to society.

Photo shows Megan Hamblin PCS young members’ equality officer

PCS young members’ equality officer

Image of Megan McQuade

Megan McQuade works at HMRC in Cumbernauld.  She is the branch youth officer, health and safety rep and the national young members' committee chair.

Image of Mohammed Shafiq

Mohammed works for the DWP in Greater Manchester.  He is chair of the national black members' committee and of the north west regional black members network as well as holding several union positions in his branch.

Image of Naquita Lewis

Naquita works for the British Council in Cardiff.  

Nick McCarthy is head of digital projects and director of communications, organising and engagement for PCS 

Image of Patricia Hill

Patricia Hill works for the Department for Education in London.  She holds several union positions in her branch and group including branch H&S officer and group equality officer.

Image of Paul Cartwright

Paul Cartwright is a union learning rep who works for the DWP in Tyneview Park, Newcastle.

Image of Paula Brown

PCS vice president and chair of the PCS Health and Safety Executive national branch

The EBU represents PCS members working for Highways England

Image of Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe is the young members' convenor for the south west region.  She works for the DWP in Cheltenham where she is branch organiser and branch youth officer.

Photo shows PCS rep Rachelle McDougall

PCS Scotland young members’ convenor

Image of Robert Eagleton

Robert works for DEFRA in London.  He is a branch committee member and his branch's youth officer

Ruth works for the Scottish government in Leith, Edinburgh.  She is a member of the National Disability Forum and the National Women's Forum.

Image of Samantha Cooper

Sam Cooper is joint Bi Members’ Rep for PCS Proud. She works for the Ministry of Justice in Leicester.

PCS members members who clean HMRC offices in Bootle and Liverpool have been striking over low pay and poor conditions. This is one of the strikers

Photo shows PCS rep Tom Youngman

Tom is a PCS rep at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in Bristol and vice chair of the Defra South West branch.

Photo of Tracey Hylton, black members’ officer for Revenue and Customs Liverpool branch and a member of HMRC black members’ advisory group

Tracey works for HMRC in Liverpool. She holds a number of national equality roles within PCS including vice chair of the national black members' committee and chair of the HMRC black members' advisory group.  She is also a member of the PCS NW regional committee, co-convenor of the NW black members' network, and is equality officer for her branch.

Image of Yemisi Ilesanmi

Yemisi Ilesanmi works for the DWP in Essex.  She is her branch black workers’ rep and LGBT rep.

Image of Zita Holbourne

Zita is PCS national vice president with more than 20 years' experience of trade union activism.  She is the co-founder and national chair of BARAC UK and an author, writer, poet, artist, curator and vocalist.

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