Get involved in the fight for better pay in Highways England

Some of you may have read the latest HE annual report. Said report, among other things, tells the public how much of their money the chief executive Officer is being paid. It even gives last year’s figures, for comparison, which is bordering on helpful. 

To cut a long story short, almost 14% performance bonus and around 10.3% pay-rise. At the very same time as the rest of us are told anything beyond 1% is ‘unaffordable’.

It seems pretty clear which 1% is unaffordable; it’s the 63 or so individuals at the top of this company.

Those of you who have previously been members of ‘outlaw’ motorbike gangs such as the Hells Angels will recognise the title; it is the proud boast of such gangs that they are the 1% of bikers that are ‘bad’.

Here in HE it has another, some might say similar connotation; it’s the approximate percentage of staff that are paid over £100k. More ironic still, these are the very people to whom the 1% pay-cap (which actually no longer exists but management still chooses to impose on the company) does not apply.

Now you could choose to do nothing what so ever about this. It stands to reason; why worry about falling further and further behind any reasonable standard of living as the extremely well paid keep the rest of us to 1% for another five years to come and no doubt beyond that as well if they get away with it.

After all a number of you will be retiring before long, on pensions you have been vastly overcharged for recently, it turns out. Of course, that pension would improve somewhat if your pay did in the meantime.

But what about the future? Do you really want a future where even in the public sector the bosses are a mega-wealthy elite that your children and grandchildren will never join, but simply fall further and further behind financially while being told they are lucky to be paid at all, and aren’t worth the pittance they receive? Because that future is here, now, and if you don’t act then it’s staying.

We will write to update you further on the next steps of our campaign but we need every member to get involved in the fight for better pay.

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