Having your say in our future

Phoebe explains why it is important for young members to get involved in our ballot for industrial action over pay.

In a year where it has been recognised to be critically important that young workers know the significance and purpose of trade unions it is equally important that we, as young members, vote and have our say in the pay campaign.

PCS has submitted a claim for a 10% pay increase for the UK civil service to bring our pay in line with the rest of the public sector. The average value of our pay has fallen by 11.4% (RPI) since 2010 in comparison and while these facts are the same for everyone across the civil service, the significance of this campaign is different for young members. If this injustice continues, we will spend the rest of our working lives trying to catch up. Remember, many members voting in the ballot won’t be affected by this issue for as long as we will.

For many young members this isn’t just about a pay rise; this campaign is setting an example for how we deserve to be treated. In a time when buying your own house seems almost impossible and the state pension age is forever on the increase, it is vital that we have our say in our future.

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