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Talking about mental health

For World Mental Health Day Keith blogs about the importance of language when talking about mental ill health.

Climate change is here – we need to act

Fran, who addressed a major climate strike rally in Newcastle last week, explains why our union believes we need to make the case for radical action on climate change.

Proud to be Bi

Samantha shares her experience of growing up and coming out as bisexual for Bi Visibility Day.

Unions must unite with inspiring climate strikers to avoid catastrophe

In much the same way the student protests in 2010 kick-started the anti-austerity movement, let’s hope today’s brave young climate activists can be the catalysts for change once again. In the quest for climate justice, the combination of young people and workers will be unstoppable.

Taking courage from the climate strikers

Tom explains why he and his fellow PCS members Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) office in Bristol are showing solidarity with the youth climate strikers on 20 September

Fighting for a living wage on a liveable planet - support the Climate Strike 20 September

Luis tells us how climate change is impacting his home country in ways which are often hidden from the climate disasters on our TV screens.

Get involved in the fight for better pay in Highways England

Some of you may have read the latest HE annual report. Said report, among other things, tells the public how much of their money the chief executive Officer is being paid. It even gives last year’s figures, for comparison, which is bordering on helpful. 

Speaking out about Britain's political crisis

Fran writes about her speech at the People's Assembly demonstration against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proroguing of parliament and how she believes the labour and trade union movement must not permit the rights and interests of working people to be trampled on.

Trade unionists must mobilise for a Labour victory

With a snap election looking more likely by the day, the time for dismissing Boris Johnson as a gaff-prone buffoon is over. The trade union movement needs to be ready for a contest that will define our country for generations to come.

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