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Speaking out about Britain's political crisis

Fran writes about her speech at the People's Assembly demonstration against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proroguing of parliament and how she believes the labour and trade union movement must not permit the rights and interests of working people to be trampled on.

Trade unionists must mobilise for a Labour victory

With a snap election looking more likely by the day, the time for dismissing Boris Johnson as a gaff-prone buffoon is over. The trade union movement needs to be ready for a contest that will define our country for generations to come.

International Day of Remembrance of the Slavery Trade and Its Abolition

Floyd, who is the culture group representative on the PCS National Black Members’ Committee, highlights why it is important to commemorate the day and honour the slave revolts that took place  

200 years since the first battles for the vote, Westminster remains broken. Let’s change that.

A Prime Minister hand-picked by a tiny unrepresentative clique. A House of Lords packed to the rafters with unelected appointees. And an electoral system that throws millions of people’s votes on the scrapheap. 200 years after the Peterloo Massacre saw people die for the right to vote, our democracy is still warped in the interests of a few.

Better organising is paying dividends

Lots has been happening since my last blog. On return from my hols, I went straight to Durham to speak at a social security event hosted by Unite Community.

Celebrating history and building for the future

Robert tells us about his experiences at the recent Durham Miners' Gala.

Theresa May’s legacy

I was recently listening to the Today programme on Radio 4 and the guests were discussing reports that Theresa May’s closest advisers were struggling to decide on what her legacy should be. I am more than happy to offer my advice.

Women and children welcome at PCS

Megan blogs about her experience of attending the PCS women’s seminar in Bristol, accompanied by her two children.

Encouraging everyone to take part in PCS

As newly elected national president I am planning to regularly blog to keep members updated with what I am up to.

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