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OK Zoomers

Kris blogs about how technology is helping to maintain social contact during the current crisis.

Keeping in touch

Fran explains the plan to contact all members and reps over the coming weeks to make sure everyone is OK and if there's anything we can do to help.

Our national campaigning continues

Fran explains how the union is still working on our national campaign on pay, pensions and the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

We’re fighting your corner

During times such as these, the importance of solidarity and community is drawn into sharp focus. Ahead of us lie unprecedented challenges and that’s why you need a union on your side more than ever. As the impact of the coronavirus begins to intensify, I want to reassure you that your union is still here to fight your corner.

Taking decisions in tough times

Fran explains the background to the decision to cancel the union’s elections due in May.

Adjusting the ways we work and keeping you informed

Fran blogs about the union's new methods of helping and informing members - while some government departments still can't get it right!

Chairing the NEC remotely

We are having to adapt the way we do everything at PCS to cope with the effects of Coronavirus.  This has meant the NEC not meeting face to face, but by telephone conference.

Keeping Kids Occupied In Lockdown

Megan gives some tips on cheap and easy ways to keep your kids entertained while on lockdown, based on her experiences with her own two children, aged 8 and 6.

Keeping you updated

Fran blogs about what PCS is doing to make sure that members are kept up to date.

Being a union member now is more important than ever

The Coronavirus crisis is escalating with every passing day and ahead of us lie unprecedented challenges. That’s why you need a union on your side more than ever.

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