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Public sector workers deserve a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work

As part of the PCS campaign to break the 1% public sector pay cap, Lindsey Jones, chair of PCS North Wales North West Revenue and Customs Branch, says that people can see that depriving public servants of a decent pay rise for 7 years is not only unfair, it is counterproductive.

Selling off court fine enforcement would put profit before security

James Davies, PCS campaigns officer for law and justice, says the government's plans to outsource the collection of court fines will put the profits of a private bailiff firm before the safety and security of vulnerable people

Eastern Avenue: tales from the picket line

PCS members based at the jobcentre on Eastern Avenue, Sheffield, have taken a second full week of strike action over the threatened closure of their office this week.  In a blog written by the branch, they tell us what has been happening on the picket line and how members have been responding to the strike.

Durham Miners’ Gala made me feel part of a huge welcoming community

Amy Allen, PCS London young members’ convenor, describes the huge interest in PCS campaigns and amazing camaraderie at the Durham Miners’ Gala

MoD homes privatisation disaster

PCS defence sector group president Chris Dando warns that the mistakes of privatising Ministry of Defence housing are about to be repeated

The unarguable case for ending cuts to pay and services

You can’t make those policies popular, no one will vote for them, it’s electoral suicide. So goes the mantra when you argue for proper funding for our public services and those who work in them.

Why I'm marching against the cuts on 1 July

PCS member says he is joining the People’s Assembly anti-cuts demo to oppose the anti-Trade Union Act, cuts to public services, and policies forcing more and more people into poverty

The Tories have no mandate for further attacks on public servants’ pay and jobs, or further cuts to public services.

We have seen a fundamental shift in British politics at this general election. For the first time in decades there was a clear choice between what the two main parties were offering.

Blaming the actions of individuals on the whole group is the very definition of bigotry

Professor Matthew Feldman of the Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University believes we must all work together towards building bridges, not walls, between communities following recent terrorist atrocities.

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