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Let’s kick out the Tories on 8 June

On Monday I spoke at the May Day rally in Trafalgar Square, paying tribute to our Equality and Human Rights Commission members who are involved in a long-running dispute over staff and budget cuts of 75% and compulsory redundancies.

Fighting for neurodiversity equality at work

For autism awareness month, trainer and campaigner Janine Booth blogs about the neurodiversity in the workplace course she is running for PCS.

Women in trade unions have a vital role to play in enabling a more egalitarian society

In the second of 2 blog posts for PCS, Hillsborough justice campaigner Sheila Coleman highlights the importance of support for the campaign from PCS and other unions and encourages women to trust their instincts when it comes to campaigning

Autism: raising awareness and winning acceptance

At the start of Autism Awareness Month, campaigner Janine Booth says autistic people's involvement in our trade unions is essential to winning acceptance and raising awareness.

To oppose the Tories the labour movement must work together

I know as a trade union leader that if I go into a negotiation with the employer my chances of success are fatally undermined if people supposedly on my team are speaking against me. Yet this is what is happening in the Labour party at the moment.

Leading by example can reap rewards

In the first of 2 blog posts for PCS, Hillsborough justice campaigner Sheila Coleman explains why she got involved in the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and what barriers she has had to overcome as a woman campaigner.

Leading from the front

PCS rep Hannah Lawson recommends women take a more active role in union work following her role in leading a successful campaign at the National Museum Wales

Mindfulness at work

Helen Haymes works for the HMRC at Trinity Bridge House in Salford. She has been a union learn rep since 2014 and has recently started mindfulness sessions for colleagues at her workplace.

New film London Recruits charts relatively unknown chapter of South African liberation struggle

Film producer Producer James Barrett explains how you can help get the story of how London Recruits played their part in resisting the apartheid regime in South Africa

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