PCS calls for urgent DWP meeting over July pay award

08 Jun 2018

Delays in paying increases on time have prompted PCS to write to the Department for Work and Pensions today (8), demanding an urgent meeting.

DWP has advised us this week that they will not be able to pay any 2018 pay increases on time.

We believe this episode highlights, more than ever, the need for members to fully support our national pay campaign and attend any meetings organised by PCS branches in the coming days and weeks.

We have already raised our concerns with the department and made clear we do not accept there is any justification for this delay, especially for those payments already enshrined by the Employee Deal Collective Agreement.

Members have rightly pointed out that one of the key “selling points” of ED was the promise of pay increases being made on time with it being a four-year deal and not, therefore, subject to the usual constraints of the Treasury pay remit.

While we accept that members in the grades SEO and above are covered by separate arrangements that are still subject to the Treasury remit being cleared, we do not accept that payments due under the employee deal (ED) should be delayed, and expect the department to find an urgent solution to the problem it has created. The ED money has already been agreed and should not be the subject of Treasury clearance as we received it back in 2016.

If the delay in implementing the 2018 pay award element continues then we will obviously challenge this with everything at our disposal, as well as advising members of any impact it may have on the collective agreement and working patterns. It is currently premature though to envisage this situation continuing and obviously members will be entitled to receive backdated payments for any delay that does occur.

We will continue to support members and branches in ensuring the terms of the collective agreement are honoured and adhered to. We will challenge any and all breaches of the collective agreement when they occur and will not allow the important gains made in these negotiations to be watered down or reneged upon.

This is an important period for our members in DWP and right across our union. The need for decent, across the board pay increases has never been greater. We must all get fully behind the national campaign to achieve our aims by voting yes in the statutory ballot when it opens on 18 June, and increase the pressure on the government and our employer to address low pay for all.

Support the campaign – we all deserve a pay rise.

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