PCS calls on new CEO of DWP tech provider to recognise the union

22 Jan 2018

PCS is calling on Loveday Ryder, new chief executive of BPDTS, the company set up to provide IT support to the DWP, to recognise our union.

Since it was created by the government as a GovCo, a company where the only or majority of the shares are in government hands, in 2016, BDPTS has refused to recognise PCS. This is despite PCS having long-standing recognition rights with the previous private contractor Hewlett Packard before the staff TUPE transferred to BPDTS.

We have written making a formal bid for union recognition to the new CEO who starts today. BPDTS has tried to claim that their staff don’t want a union and that they have an employee forum. But an employee forum has no right to negotiate on pay and pensions, only a union can do that. Our members and BPDTS staff understand why a union is needed. There has been strong support for our petition calling for union recognition. So what is BPDTS frightened of?

We’re calling on Loveday Ryder to make meeting the union and agreeing union recognition her first job as the new CEO.


BPDTS Ltd was incorporated at Companies House on 24 August 2016 as a private company limited by guarantee. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is the sole member.

The organisation has been set up to deliver information technology and related security services required to support the Department for Work and Pensions in fulfilling its mission and objectives.

The vast majority of the staff are based in Newcastle and Blackpool.

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