PCS condemns Boris Johnson’s convoluted Covid-19 advice

11 May 2020

The union has heavily criticised the Prime Minister for his convoluted advice which will put the lives of tens of thousands of workers’ at risk.

Mr Johnson addressed the nation yesterday where he said there would be a 'roadmap' for easing and ultimately ending the lockdown, saying those who could not work from home, should go to work.  

At the same time, he strongly indicated people should avoid public transport and instead drive, cycle or walk to work if they could.  

The government has now launched a Corona alert system with 5 being the worst and 1 being that the virus is no longer present in Britain.  

At the moment, the UK is on alert level 4 with the hope of bringing it down to 3.  

PCS is due to meet the Cabinet Office tomorrow to discuss the impact of this announcement on civil servants and those in related areas.  

So far the union has succeeded in forcing departments to invest in technology to allow thousands of staff members to work from home. 

General secretary Mark Serworka said: “Boris Johnson has issued confusing advice, and that confusion will cost lives. But he has clarified one thing – that the government views those he is telling to go back to work as expendable.   

“Employers are not fully prepared for masses of people to return to workplaces safely.  

“Guidance is only just being issued today and unless trade union health and safety reps are a key component of this, workers will have no confidence in the safety and social distancing measures being put in place. 

“Ministers are treating workers like guinea pigs and gambling with peoples’ lives.”

Our advice to PCS members remains unchanged, despite the PM’s announcement:  if you are working at home the PCS position is you should not be expected to go to work until agreement reached on safe working. We are meeting the Cabinet Office tomorrow to discuss the situation in the civil service and related areas.

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