PCS condemns letters inciting violence towards Muslims which amount to racial hatred and hate crimes

22 Mar 2018

The PCS National Black Members Committee (NBMC) has been made aware of a letter circulating that encourages violence against Muslims. The committee has agreed the following statement that condemns the letter and offers practical help and support for anyone receiving it.

A threatening letter entitled 'Punish a Muslim' is in circulation in the media/on social media encouraging a National day of violence against Muslims on 3 April.

The point scoring challenge encourages participants to pull off headscarves, throw acid into a Muslim’s face or burn a mosque.

Media reports state the letter has been sent out to households and businesses around the country including London, the Midlands, Yorkshire and Wales. The police are aware of this matter which is being treated with the utmost seriousness.

PCS condemns these letters which amount to racial hatred and hate crimes. 


What to do if you receive a copy of the letter: It is essential that anyone who receives this letter should report it to their local police by dialling the non-emergency 101 number and contact Tell Mama, who measure and monitor anti Muslim incidents and support victims.

If you receive the letter at work, you should make your employer aware and also your local PCS rep for support.

PCS also has a racist incident hotline - 020 7801 2678. All messages left on this number are strictly confidential and you should be contacted within 48 hours of making the call.  You can also contact the PCS equality department for support and advice and so we can monitor the situation – equality@pcs.org.uk

It is essential that all letters and envelopes are kept and handled minimally to preserve evidence for the police to investigate.

PCS has a proud record of standing up to and exposing all forms of Islamaphobia, racism, fascism and xenophobia and will support any members who experience any of these hate crimes, abuse or harassment.

PCS National Black Members Committee

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