PCS fringe meeting: Building to win the pay campaign

22 May 2018

How to win the most significant ballot PCS has held in years was debated at a packed fringe conference meeting on Tuesday (22) evening.

The fringe, which was broadcast live to thousands of people from Brighton on Facebook, took place only a few hours after PCS delegates voted overwhelmingly to support an NEC motion which called for a statutory industrial action ballot over civil service pay.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka told the meeting: “The more members that vote for action the more the government has to treat us with respect and fairly.

“We hope the government treats you (our members) fairly but if they don't then we take the action necessary to force them to treat us fairly.”

Mark said that all of our members will benefit if we are successful with this pay campaign because we will achieve 5% extra funding from the Treasury.

The lively, impassioned meeting chaired by PCS president Janice Godrich, discussed the next steps for the union’s pay campaign and looked at the detail of what needs to be done in our branches and workplaces after conference.

Mark said: “What we should remember as PCS members is that we keep the country running. We do critical jobs.

“We all benefit if we get a pay rise and we as union will be stronger to fight specific battles in specific departments.”

Mark stressed the need for the turnout in the statutory ballot on pay to exceed 50% because of the restrictions imposed by the Trade Union Act. He said: “This is our call to arms. Not voting is really voting no. Not voting is accepting Theresa May treating you in an appalling way.”

Mark urged all eligible members to “vote yes, return your ballot paper and let's make this year we get above inflation pay rises.”

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