PCS group elections open on Thursday (27 April)

26 Apr 2017

PCS members should vote in our group executive committee elections which open tomorrow (27 April) and run until 16 May.

Voting enables you to help decide who represents your PCS group. It is important that you vote in these elections.

How to vote

All members for whom we have a personal email address will receive a ballot paper by email, these  will start to go out on Thursday and the mailing will be complete by Friday. The email will be sent directly from independent scrutineers the Electoral Reform Society (ERS), For members who do not have an email address registered they will receive a ballot paper to their registered postal address. Members can request a postal ballot if they choose to.

They can do this after the ballot opens, and should email their group office /pcs-where-i-work with their request. The email should include their membership number and clearly state that they have received details for online voting but choose to vote by post.

If you require a replacement ballot paper for either the online or postal ballot you should request a replacement from your group office by 5pm, Thursday 11 May. Please have your membership or National Insurance number handy.

Use your vote and have your say on who runs PCS. It's up to you.

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