PCS guidance on Civil Service People Survey

09 Oct 2019

This year's Civil Service People Survey is underway and PCS is reminding members of our policy on participation.

Our annual delegate conference in 2015 carried motion A81, which remains the union’s policy. Criteria for member participation in the survey should be measured against PCS national or group policy objectives.

The carrying of A81 allowed groups to consider their approach and attitude to departmental surveys. We have advised group bargaining units to engage at delegated level with departments, subject to assurances from the employer on consultation, survey content, access to results and a commitment to follow-up action. If you are unsure of your group’s position ask your branch or group executive for advice before completing the survey.

PCS will continue to monitor conduct of local departmental managers during the survey and will review the decision prior to the 2020 survey.

Should members suffer any detriment as a result of completing or not completing the survey, report it to your reps to feed back to your group executive.

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