PCS launches OCS security officer industrial action ballot

07 Jan 2021

PCS has today (7) launched an industrial action ballot for all members working for OCS on the HMCTS security contract over the failure to improve pay, terms and conditions.

Our industrial demands are clear and achievable:

  • The payment of the real living wage as determined by the Living Wage Foundation
  • A supervisors allowance with a pay differential of £1.50 an hour
  • Sick pay from day one at company rather than statutory rates
  • 30 days annual leave per year
  • A one-off bonus in recognition of the hard work amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

OCS has failed to meet these demands by hiding behind an excuse of affordability. At the same time as offering an insulting and derisory pay increase of 1.5%, which equates to just 13p an hour, OCS released a statement boasting about making £20 million in Covid-related sales since the start of the pandemic evidencing that it is indeed able to fund a fair pay increase for our members.

Our members on the contract have worked tirelessly since March to keep courts operational in unprecedented and challenging times. Often this has involved putting the health and safety of court users above their own health and safety. It is a disgraceful insult that OCS has proposed to reward these efforts with a mere 13p an hour. Our members are outraged, angry, and disgusted.

The industrial action ballot opens today and closes at noon on 3 February.

Need a ballot paper?

Members will receive their ballot paper via post at their home address. If any member has not received a ballot paper by Wednesday, 13 January then they should email midsbargaining@pcs.org.uk with the following details to request a replacement:

  • Membership or NI number
  • Forename and surname
  • Full postal address, including postcode.

Messages of support and solidarity can be sent to our OCS members via Laura at: laurab@pcs.org.uk

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