PCS members protest against Trump

04 Jun 2019

PCS members have joined thousands of others in London and other towns and cities to protest against the US President’s state visit to the UK

Huge numbers joined the Together Against Trump national demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London today.

Trade union issues

Under Trump’s presidency, union rights for public sector workers have been attacked. Following a Trump appointment a Supreme Court ruling has undermined unions’ rights to collect subscriptions.

Trump has said he was “proud” to shut down government over his border wall. Half of staff affected by the 35 day shut down were compelled to work without pay, although they did get back pay later. But contracted out workers including cooks, guards, janitors, and other support workers at federal buildings did not get back pay when congress agreed a deal.

Standing up to the policies of Trump

Trump said in a press conference earlier today that everything “including the NHS” would be on the table in a trade deal with the UK.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka referred to this in his speech at the rally. He said: “My life was saved by the NHS, the greatest creation of the British labour movement.  So let us say to Donald Trump, ‘Get your grubby mitts off our health service. We will not stand by while you try to privatise our health service.’"

National protests

Protests were also held in other towns and cities yesterday and today including Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Stoke, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Chester, Leicester, Oxford and Exeter.

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