PCS members say resounding no to MoJ MEP plans

30 Aug 2018

PCS is calling on the Ministry of Justice to reopen pay negotiations following a huge vote by members against plans to cut terms and conditions across the department, extend the working week and make bank holidays and Saturdays part of regular hours.

Staff were so keen to show their contempt for the department’s so-called modernising employment proposition, which for many would mean a real-terms pay cut, that more than 1,000 of them joined PCS, by far the largest justice union, so they could vote against it in our ballot which ended this afternoon. In fact, so many people joined PCS in the department that membership has gone up by 10% across the justice sector.

To the question do you accept the modernising employment proposition 2018-2022 offer? Members gave a resounding no with 93.64% voting to oppose the deal on a 74.37% turnout.

Total number of eligible voters: 8,421
Total number of votes cast: 6,263
Turnout: 74.37%

Number voting yes: 393 (6.27% of votes cast)
Number voting no: 5,865 (93.64% of votes cast)
Number of votes found to be blank: 5  

Great objections

Members clearly greatly objected to proposals which included:

  • An earlier start and later finish to the working day – with 8pm a possibility
  • Being forced to work Saturdays and bank holidays for no extra money
  • An increased working week to 38 hours
  • Cuts to overtime and sick pay.

Support by other unions

The 3 other justice unions – FDA, Prospect and GMB have recently held ballots on the proposals and their members also voted overwhelmingly against MEP.

A total of 81.6% of GMB members balloted rejected the offer, on a 76% turnout, 80% of Prospect members who voted rejected the deal and in FDA there was a 65% vote against the pay deal.

There is clearly a huge amount of pressure on the employer to rip up these plans and return to the negotiation table. PCS will continue to demand a better deal for all members that does not compromise our hard-won terms and conditions.

Union membership really does matter in the justice sector and the more members we have the stronger we are. Urge your colleagues who aren’t in PCS to join, they can apply to join online and it only takes a couple of minutes.

We are also encouraging members to get more involved in their union by volunteering to become a PCS Advocate. This involves

  • encouraging your work colleagues to come to union meetings
  • making sure colleagues have the latest information from PCS
  • encouraging non-members to consider joining our union.

Speak to your local branch, contact the PCS organising department organising@pcs.org.uk or visit the web page.

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