PCS negotiates credit for DWP members going into work

12 Jun 2020

The credit adds up to nearly two extra days’ leave for those staff who must still attend work during the Covid-19 crisis.

PCS has been pursuing a demand for a shorter working week and flexi credits for travel to work time for members who are still in the workplace in DWP.

DWP has agreed to PCS‘s demand for recognition of the risk and difficulty our members have faced in travelling to workplaces, by granting all staff who continue to attend their workplace a one hour flexi credit for every week between 1 May and 31 July 2020. This is close to two additional days’ leave and worth on average £150.

The flexi credit award applies to all staff who have been attending their workplace, irrespective of their mode of transport, and applies equally to full time and part time staff.

DWP group president Martin Cavanagh said, “It is our policy to try get as many members as possible working safely working from home but we have also demanded recognition for members who have had to be in the office. It is only right that DWP has recognised the exceptional contribution of our members who have faced real danger by continuing to attend work during the Coronavirus pandemic and kept the vital services DWP provide going.

“These staff have played a leading role in clearing the huge increase in workloads that DWP faced at the start of the pandemic, and have also placed themselves at risk, every day, by making the journey to and from work as the coronavirus has raged across the country.”

Never a more important time to be in a union

This award has happened as a result of the pressure PCS has put upon the department, based on the full support of our members, an example of PCS delivering real results for our members in some of the most difficult circumstances we have ever faced.

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