PCS pay and pensions update

18 Oct 2019

PCS has set out 3 key demands on pay for 2020 at a meeting with the Cabinet Office this week.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka and PCS negotiators met the Cabinet Office and made 3 demands on pay for 2020:

  1. All of our members must have a pay rise that’s significantly above inflation, to address the 10 years that pay has declined in real terms.
  2. The pay rise must be wholly funded by the Treasury. No department must have to cut jobs to pay for it.
  3. Instead of each department having different pay scales, next year we must move to a system where everyone gets the same rates of pay for doing the same work.

Take action on pensions

We also need to solve the issue of pensions. At the moment our members pay 2% more every month than they should, so we’ve told the government that members need to get that back in addition to any above inflation pay rises that we negotiate.

Members and supporters can help our campaign by sending our campaign email to chancellor Sajid Javid asking him to make scheme improvements or provide compensation by making reductions to your pension contributions.

Watch and share the latest PCS pay video


The strength of the union is key to backing up our demands. Ask a colleague to join, or consider getting more involved, as the more active people are, the better chance we have of getting justice over pay.

We are determined that in 2020 members will get the pay they deserve.

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