PCS pay ballot: Is your branch ballot ready?

22 Sep 2017

PCS is balloting all members to reject the 1% pay cap and to indicate what action members are prepared to take to support our campaign.

We are asking all branches to ensure that they are ‘ballot ready’ and to record their responses on our reporting form.  

Branches and activists are asked to:

  • Organise payday demos
  • Talk face to face to members
  • Arrange members’ meetings
  • Collect members’ contact information
  • Recruit new members to the union.

As an active PCS member or representative you have a crucial role to play in making sure members vote.

The ballot runs from 9 October to 6 November.

Make sure you are talking to members every day about filling in and completing their ballot papers.

Non-members can have a vote in the ballot if they join the union by the end October.

Please complete the ballot-ready response form.

Read and share information on our pay campaign.

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