PCS pay ballot 5 reasons to vote yes

20 Jun 2018

We need all eligible members to take part in our statutory ballot on industrial action over pay, which runs from 18 June to 23 July. Read why you should vote yes

Wherever you work in the civil service and related areas, we all deserve a pay rise. After 10 years of pay cuts many staff in the civil service are struggling to pay for essential day to day living costs. We desperately need a pay rise in order to make ends meet.

But the government has again refused to fund more than a 1% increase this year.  Anything higher will be funded by job cuts.

PCS is demanding that all staff across the civil service are given a pay increase of 5%.

Our members are being balloted on whether they are prepared to take industrial action in the event that we cannot reach a fair settlement on pay.

Why you should vote yes

1. We have been betrayed

Civil servants in the Scottish government and staff in other areas of the public sector have already been offered pay rises above 1%. So why not us?  It feels like the government is betraying its own staff by saying we’re not worth it. 

2. Help to strengthen the hand of PCS negotiators

We are currently in talks with the Cabinet Office. We need to show the government that we are serious about our pay. If we win the ballot we will be in the best bargaining position we have been in for years, so a decisive yes vote will strengthen our hand in talks.

3. You will be consulted before any action is called

Before action is called all members will be consulted about the type of action and the duration of any action.  We will do this quickly and effectively, online and at workplace meetings.

4. Any action we take will be effective

Any action we take will be hard hitting and aimed at causing the maximum disruption.  Resources in the civil service have been cut to the bone, so targeted and sustained action will put real pressure on the government to meet our pay demands.

5. Not voting counts as a no vote

Changes to strike laws mean that anyone who does not vote will count as a no vote. In addition, the government has tried to make it as hard as possible for union members to vote for strike action, so voting can only be done by post.

What you can do

  • Ask a non-member to join PCS and support our pay claim.
  • Urge your colleagues to vote in the ballot – remember, anyone who doesn’t vote counts as a no vote.

Vote yes for action on pay.

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