PCS pay petition - Get involved in peer to peer texting

20 Nov 2020

We are asking all PCS activists to get involved in our campaign to encourage more members to sign and share the PCS pay petition.

Thanks to all the activists who took part in our Super Saturday event on 31 October we secured an additional 12,000 signatures for the PCS pay petition.

We now need a big push to get us past the 100,000 signatories needed for the petition to be considered for debate in parliament.

Next round of texting

We are now looking for volunteers to help text the outstanding 20,000 members who are yet to sign the petition. Anyone who was involved in Super Saturday will know how easy this is to do. Volunteers can do as little or as much as you like and you can do it at a time that suits you, whether that’s through the day, during the evening or at the weekend.

How to volunteer

If you would be willing to get involved in texting, please complete the sign up form and we will be in contact to make sure you can set up a CallHUb account and receive the necessary briefing. 


We would like all activists who were involved in Super Saturday to invite colleagues from their branch to get involved in the campaign and consider delivering a short demo to show other activists how to use the Call Hub for peer-to-peer texting.

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