PCS pay petition passes 37000 after two weeks

03 Aug 2020

Thanks to everyone who has signed and shared our petition for fair pay for UK government workers, you have helped us pass the 37,000 signature mark in the first fortnight.

But we need to keep up the pressure so we can force a parliamentary debate when MPs return after their summer break, so please urge family, friends, colleagues and politicians to sign and share our petition.

As the petition is lodged on the UK parliament petition site the government is obliged to respond once it reaches 10,000 signatures, which it has so far failed to do more 12 days week hitting the mark.

During the pandemic government workers have delivered vital public services and kept our country safe and secure. After 10 years in which the real value of civil service pay has fallen, many face hardship. That’s why we are calling on the government to start to restore the real value of government workers’ pay with a 10% increase in 2020.

Meeting our next goal of 100,000 signatures could force a parliamentary debate on the aims of the petition. So we need all members, reps, activists and supporters to keep signing and sharing so we pass that target as quickly as possible.

Top constituency

It looks like Bootle will be the first constituency to pass 500 signatures, closely followed by East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow and Dover.

Why not get together with your branch colleagues and try to make your constituency the first to 1,000 signatures?

Have a look at the interactive map, see how many people in your constituency have signed and encourage your friends and colleagues to share – remember to use the petition’s share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email, and see where you live soar up the petition league table.

Activity checklist

We’re asking PCS members do 5 things to be part of our campaign to force the government to deliver fair pay:

  1. Sign our petition, on the UK government and parliament petitions website. 
  2. Share our petition on social media.
  3. Ask a work colleague to sign the petition. The more of us who sign it the stronger we are.
  4. Get involved in PCS, if you’re not already
  5. Ask non-members in your workplace to join PCS. The more of us who are in the union, the more chance we’ve got of being successful.

We also want to hear from members how they've delivered during lockdown, email editor@pcs.org.uk 

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