Members step up for payday protest

Thanks for helping to make last week’s payday protest such an inspiring event.

Thousands took action to send a clear message to the government to break the crippling 1% public sector pay cap and restore the value of civil service pay.

People held lunchtime rallies, photoshoots and drop-in events, and shared a constant stream of photos, tweets and updates.

Have a look through our from 31 March live blog, and photos on our Flickr account to see how far-reaching and enthusiastic the response was. There’s also a report of some of the highlights on the PCS website.

It doesn’t stop here
Our Pay Up! campaign is only just beginning. Here’s how you can help:

  • Pile the pressure on Treasury minister David Gauke by emailing him via our simple and quick e-action. We’ve made a detailed submission to Gauke, arguing the 1% pay cap should be lifted, and a pay claim has been submitted for a rise of 5% or £1,200, whichever is the greater. Let’s make him listen.
  • Download, print and share a petition to Gauke, to use in your workplace. Complete and return it, by 9 June, to your PCS rep or the Organising Department at PCS, 160 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LN.
  • Keep sending your pay stories to PCS – are you struggling to manage on your pay? What do you have to do to make ends meet? Email

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