PCS People Issue 1 2017

PCS People

PCS pay campaign launch

Our union is kicking off a campaign to fight for a fair pay rise in the civil service and related bodies. The 1% cap on public sector pay, imposed since 2010, has pushed wages well below inflation which means wages are worth less every year.

Higher pension contributions and increased national insurance have also cut take home pay.

As a result, average civil service pay has also fallen behind both national average earnings and public sector earnings.

We’re campaigning for the lifting of the 1% pay cap, and the ability to negotiate above-inflation pay rises. Our pay claim is for a rise of 5% or £1,200, whichever is greater.

Tell the minister you mean it

Email Treasury minister David Gauke to say you support the PCS campaign urging him to drop the 1% pay cap, and negotiate a pay rise that goes above inflation. It’s easy to do with our e-action

Pay day protest on 31 March

For a successful campaign, we need members to get involved. Join your workplace pay protest on 31 March, being held before the Treasury publishes its pay guidance for 2017.

We’ll use photos and messages from you and fellow members to tell the Cabinet Office that you support our pay claim. For more information about organising a payday protest at your workplace talk to your local PCS reps and visit pcs.org.uk/pay

Share your pay cap stories

The more real-life information we have about your eroded wages, the stronger our case.

We’d like to know how this relentless pay restraint has affected you. What have you had to do to make ends meet? If yours is a ‘just about managing’ family, what does that mean in reality? What would an inflation-busting pay rise do for you? Share your story by emailing editor@pcs.org.uk

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