PCS presses “Work from home” message

05 Jan 2021

Following the new lockdown measures, we are demanding that everyone should be allowed to work from home where possible.

PCS is demanding an urgent meeting with the Cabinet Office to change the policy in the civil service to one where everyone should work at home unless it is impossible to do so.  This is in line with the prime minister’s announcement on 4 January about the new lockdown measures which are in place in England from today (5). Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also in full lockdown with similar measures in place and we will be arguing for the same policies regarding working from home.

We are also demanding that private sector workers such as cleaners and other facilities staff should continue to be paid if they are unable to work as usual.

The policy of getting staff back into workplaces, as shown by the case of the DVLA contact centre, among others, has already proved dangerous to staff, and given the current situation of a full lockdown we will argue that the health and safety of our members is of primary importance.

Our demands echo those made during the previous full lockdown last year and we will argue that civil servants have proved that they can still deliver a full and efficient service while staying safe in their own homes.

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