PCS pressure forces Securitas to improve offer at National Gallery

05 Jul 2019

Private firm Securitas had previously given staff just three days to decide whether to leave or accept major changes to their terms and conditions

Gallery assistants at the National Gallery employed by private firm, Securitas, received voluntary exit offers on 19 June and were given until 21 June to decide whether to leave their employment or to continue under proposed changes that could have drastically changed their working conditions.

One of the changes Securitas wanted to introduce was a mobility clause that meant gallery staff could be forced to work at other sites across London.

Thanks to a combination of negotiations, members’ engagement and press and political pressure, private security firm Securitas since made an offer which the branch recommended to members.

Members voted by a huge margin to accept the offer at a meeting on 1 July.

Improved offer

The revised offer means that staff who don’t already have a mobility clause in their contract will not have one imposed and working at other sites will be on a purely voluntary basis and they will not have to work outside their core hours.

Securitas also agreed that they will, as far as possible, minimise the use of the mobility clause of staff who already have it in their contracts.

All gallery assistant staff who applied and accepted voluntary exit within the agreed time frame will be offered it.

As part of the offer a 4.4% pay increase is being offered this year with a subsequent 3% or London Living Wage underpin to the next four years’ pay awards.

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