PCS proposes plans to protect redundancy pay of lowest paid 

18 Feb 2019

A plan that would benefit civil servants in most need of redundancy compensation has been proposed by PCS along with Unite, GMB and POA in the face of government attempts to reinstate cuts to redundancy terms.

PCS won a judicial review against the government at the High Court in 2017 which ruled it was unlawful for the previous Tory government to exclude us from talks over its latest cuts to redundancy terms. The 4 unions have been in detailed negotiations with the government over the last 12 months as it has been trying to reinstate cuts to redundancy terms.

The court had quashed the cuts to the scheme introduced in 2016, refused the government a right to appeal and made a full costs award against the government. PCS’s victory cost the government c£100 million and has meant many members received big increases in their compensation packages. It has also meant that many departments have had to slow down their job cuts programme.

At the unions’ latest meeting on 6 February with Oliver Dowden, minister for implementation at the Cabinet Office, they urged him to make changes to the proposals. Instead of cutting everybody’s terms, we have suggested the scheme is redistributed to ensure that those who need the compensation most receive the highest payments from the compensation scheme itself.

It means that people struggling to get extra work should get the highest amounts of compensation payments. The minister has agreed to consider our proposals.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Frankly we don’t think the government should make any changes but it is determined to try to rip up workers’ rights, so we’ve tried to persuade them to ensure that those who need compensation most are the ones who should get the most.

“We will keep members informed as soon as the government gives us its decision, but rest assured we are determined to campaign to ensure that all of our members get the protection they deserve.”

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