PCS protestors demand an end to the pay cap

31 Jan 2018

PCS members across the United Kingdom have been holding payday protests on the first payday of 2018 and highlighting how much they have lost under the civil service pay cap.

Following on from the successful payday protests in October and November last year, PCS members have been keeping up the momentum with protests at their workplaces to mark the first pay day of the new year.

As well as members using the online pay calculator to work out how much they have lost individually under the Tories’ pay cap, workplaces and groups have been adding their results together to show how much they have lost collectively.

In Glasgow reps from all DWP Scotland branches held up numbers to show the overall loss calculated for members within DWP Scotland at £35,500,000.

Thirteen new PCS reps on a training course in the London and South East region held up their individual calculations from the pay calculator, showing a total loss of over £152,000 for the group.

At the Home Office at Marsham Street in London, which is one of the hardest hit workplaces with a total loss of £15,136,000, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka and Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP joined the protestors.

Mark told the rally: "Staff have had enough of the cuts to their living standards, it’s time for an above inflation pay rise to compensate for the years of austerity. I have written to the Minister demanding he meet PCS as a matter of urgency to discuss this pay scandal."

John McDonnell added: “Our commitment to you, as set out in our manifesto, is that a future Labour government will scrap the cap. Public servants working hard to deliver our services deserve nothing less.”

In Liverpool, around 60 members from the MOD braved the hailstorms to hold up a banner showing their joint workplace loss of £1,308,993.60.

One member described the pay cap as “pinching”.  She said “the cut to our pay is affecting everything, all our everyday spending.  It could be sustained for a short time but not long term like this.”

Cutting back

Another member explained how she had had to extend her mortgage to reduce the monthly payments.  She had used the online pay calculator to work out that she had lost about £5000 because of the pay cap.

Aileen, who has worked for the MOD for 30 years, said that she was constantly looking at what she can cut back on.  “I’ve cancelled things like my boiler insurance but now I’m dreading if it breaks down because I’d struggle to pay the repair bills.  I used to put money aside for emergencies but I’m just living in the now.  If anything happens I have to ask for help from my family, which at my age and with a family of my own I shouldn’t have to do.”

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