PCS steps up pre-budget campaign on pay

18 Feb 2021

On 3 March the chancellor Rishi Sunak will deliver his budget for 2021.

He is expected to confirm the public sector pay freeze he pre announced last November. PCS and the TUC are stepping up our campaign to get the pay freeze scrapped. It’s a slap in the face for all your hard work during the pandemic.

It comes on top of years of similar freezes and caps which have seen average pay in the civil service fall substantially in real terms each year. Since 2010, average salary levels in the civil service have fallen in value, by comparison with inflation, by between 8.8% (CPI) and 15.2% (RPI). Civil service pay has fallen in value by comparison with local government, health and education, by 11.4%.

Even the ‘concession’ offered by the government of £250 a year for staff earning below £24,000 is being paid for out of existing running costs as the Treasury has indicated that the pay remit for the civil service is 0%.  

PCS is launching a campaign action for every member to email the chancellor directly before the budget, members will be emailed about this in the next few days. Taking this action will be a theme of our Fair Pay Day activities on 26 February.

We are also working closely with the TUC on a series of events across the country where Conservative MPs have agreed to directly meet public sector workers to hear their concerns. PCS members are speaking at some of these meetings alongside colleagues from other unions.

On the eve of the budget at 6pm on Tuesday (2 March) the TUC is holding a mass rally for a workers' budget and PCS is encouraging all activists to attend this as the campaign steps up.

If you want to get more involved in the pay campaign and want to help by lobbying your own MP please email campaigns@pcs.org.uk 

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