PCS Strike Fund: How just 50p a month will make a big difference

03 Jun 2019

180,000 members giving just 50p a month each to the PCS Strike Fund will raise over £1m a year.

Following extensive consultation with members, last month delegates to this year’s conference took the decision to increase monthly subscriptions rates to build up our union’s strike fund, by introducing a levy of 50p a month for each member, except for those in unrecognised workplaces and those on reduced subscriptions. This will raise around £90,000 a month or £1.08m a year.

Since 2015, PCS has won disputes where we have taken or threatened to take long term sustainable action, financially supported by our strike fund. However, financially supporting large groups of members to take effective strike action is very costly, and needs a multi-million pound fund.

No one takes strike action lightly. It is a serious decision taken by members who know that it may cause them hardship, but is necessary if they wish to defend their pay, pensions, jobs, or working conditions.

Our strike fund gives money to PCS members while on strike. One-off contributions and individual donations into the strike fund are very helpful, but we need a sustainable strike fund which builds every month. We have already used the strike fund this year to pay strike pay to members in:

  • HMRC International House Ealing
  • DWP Walsall and Wolverhampton Service Centre
  • Interserve FCO Contract.

Subs rates changes

Subscription rates will therefore increase in June, which means 30 June for check-off payers and 1 July for direct debit payers. The increase does not apply to members in unrecognised workplaces and those on reduced subscriptions.

We recognise that money is very tight for our members. However, a 50p a month increase to subs for all members will allow the union to build up a sizable strike fund, which will be used to fund strike pay for members taking effective, sustained industrial action. Our union is strengthened for everyone when one group of our colleagues wins significant concessions from their employer.

Thank you for your continued support for PCS.

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