PCS to consult members on plan to win on pay in 2019

09 Nov 2018

The PCS national executive committee met on Wednesday (7 November) and made important decisions about our national public sector pay campaign. The meeting followed a 6-week consultation period with branches, and the NEC decided that the information will be used to develop an outline campaign strategy for pay in 2019. The NEC will agree the strategy at its December meeting.

The campaign plan will include the size of the pay claim we want to submit to government, how we're going to campaign politically and through negotiations to pressure the government to treat our members more fairly. And we will consider the timing and nature of any industrial action ballot, around March next year, if it's required to ensure we can force the government to think again.

Watch general secretary Mark Serwotka’s latest pay video, filmed outside the Treasury yesterday.

Massive consultation from January

The NEC also agreed that once we have developed the campaign strategy we’re going to do something that is really important. In January, we're going to hold a massive consultation on the detail of that strategy throughout the union. That consultation will involve our members, our branches, our equality forums and all our departmental groups to ensure that our strategy is right.

Campaign for pay justice in 2019

Our members’ pay has already fallen way behind the rate of inflation and they are being treated worse than all other parts of the public sector. But papers resulting from of our court case have revealed that while senior managers in other parts of the public sector were standing up for their staff and demanding more money from the Treasury senior managers and permanent secretaries did exactly the opposite. Rather than argue our members should get more money for the hard work that they do, they actually argued our members should have less. If we now do all the hard work we can ensure we can right that injustice in 2019.

And it's really important therefore that everything we do from now until January is based on how we can ensure we are successful in 2019.

We're asking members to:

  • Make sure they do everything to recruit more members to the union – the bigger we are the better chance we’ve got of success. It’s easy to register to join online.
  • Check we hold the correct details, including personal email address and ballot address, for them so that we can contact them. Members registered to use our online services can update their email address and ballot address online.
  • Become reps and PCS Advocates, because all our information so far tells us the more advocates and reps we have on the ground the better we do in ballot turnouts and people voting yes.

Thanks to branches

We would like to thank all members who have, during our consultation over the last 6 weeks, given us a wealth of information about our pay campaign. Your responses really have helped to determine the way forward. We got lots of detailed information on what worked well when we balloted earlier this year, what we need to improve on and what we need to think about to ensure that in 2019 we don't just fall short but we smash the 50% threshold and force the government to think again.

Let’s prepare to win on pay in 2019.

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