PCS to launch ballot as Southbank Centre confirms cuts to redundancy pay for hundreds of staff

07 Aug 2020

PCS is launching a consultative ballot on Monday (10) of our Southbank Centre members as the employer confirms it will not pay its normal redundancy terms, meaning hundreds of staff will lose out on thousands of pounds.

The Southbank Centre has confirmed to PCS that it does not intend to pay its long-standing redundancy terms to the hundreds of staff currently at risk. For many members this will mean the loss of thousands of pounds in redundancy payments. Instead the employer has imposed a barely better than statutory package on our members, claiming financial difficulty, despite senior staff with salaries well in excess of £100,000.

This announcement from the employer comes as another bitter blow to more than 400 employees that are at risk of redundancy at the institution, which receives millions of pounds of public money.

In response to this, and as part of our escalating dispute opposing redundancies, PCS is launching a consultative ballot on Monday (10) asking those members, particularly those still working at the Hayward Gallery and in other roles across the organisation, if they are prepared to take action in defence of their redundancy terms, and their jobs.

PCS has called on the Southbank Centre to apply for the government’s emergency funding to pay for jobs throughout the closure, and to preserve one of the countries “cultural crown jewels.” However Southbank management has informed us that the money wouldn’t be enough, and that they cannot wait on redundancy decisions until funding announcements are made. This is another indictment of the government’s rushed out scheme, which is proving to be too little, and too late.

We call on all arts and culture institutions to speak out about the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the sector, and to join PCS in urging the government to do more, and quickly.
Southbank members join the other hundreds of PCS members across the culture sector at risk of redundancy, including those at the Royal Households, Historic Royal Palaces and members at the Tate, who will begin strike action on 18 August in defence of their jobs.

The online ballot link will be emailed to all members who have registered a personal email address.

If you have questions about the ballot, email culturesector@pcs.org.uk

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