People’s lobby for proportional representation

30 Nov 2018

Trade unions, campaign groups and political parties are supporting a mass lobby of parliament on 11 December calling for electoral reform.

People from across  the UK are heading to Westminster to put pressure on their MPs to support proportional pepresentation (PR).

The People’s Lobby for PR, organised by Make Votes Matter, starts at midday at St James the Less, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Pimlico with a briefing for lobbyists and welcome speeches from cross-party MPs. Attendees will then meet with their own MPs throughout the day to explain why the UK needs to scrap our outdated First Past the Post voting system. You can support the lobby even if you cannot attend by sending an email to your MP asking them to back electoral reform.

PCS has long supported PR - meaning a system in which seats match votes - for British general elections. Proportional systems are already used in most modern democracies, including the Scottish Parliament, all the Scandinavian countries, Germany and New Zealand. Not only is PR more democratic and representative, but there is growing evidence that it also fosters more progressive politics and better outcomes for society.

PCS joins rail workers union TSSA, political parties including the Green party, and organisations like the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform in supporting the initiative.

Writing on the issue of electoral reform, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Adopting PR for future general elections would make every vote count in all parts of the country. It would force parties to change how they behave, as well as how voters cast their ballot, and stop them taking the majority for granted. PCS wants to see a more progressive politics which more closely reflects the spread of views in the public”.

“From the Chartists pushing for universal suffrage to the Scottish TUC role campaigning for a Scottish Parliament, trade unions have often been at the forefront of demands for a better democracy that puts working people at the centre.”

Joe Sousek, a PCS ARMS member who now co-leads Make Votes Matter, said: “We want to make this a milestone event in the campaign for fair votes. It doesn't matter what your MP currently thinks of electoral reform - the important thing is getting this crucial issue on the political agenda.

“It's set to be a great occasion. Organisers will guide everyone through the day and provide all the briefing and materials they’ll need to take part. We hope to see you there.”

To attend the People’s Lobby for PR, sign up here.

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