Political strategy consultation report

Political strategy consultation report

As part of our strategic review, we launched a consultation with branches and groups on all aspects of the union’s political strategy in October 2016. The consultation was an opportunity for branches to share experiences and thoughts on how to make our union more effective both locally and nationally.

The responses to the consultation offer a unique opportunity to help inform and develop our political strategy to ensure we have every campaigning option at our disposal as part of a modern and flexible political strategy that fits the new political environment.

The NEC fully discussed the responses to the consultation, and agreed to publish this report to branches. The report summarises the responses received to the consultation, providing both a general overview of the responses, as well as a more in depth look at responses to each of the key areas covered in the consultation. It is intended to inform and facilitate the debate at ADC 2017.

Branches are urged to read the report and circulate it as widely as possible in advance of conference. Hard copies of the report are available on request. Please email polstratconsult@pcs.org.uk 


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