Pressure on public sector pay cap gains momentum

17 Oct 2017

As PCS ballots its members on the civil service pay cap, other unions are also campaigning and planning action over pay.

Our consultative ballot on the civil service pay cap and whether members are prepared to take industrial action if the government refuses to scrap it, opened on 9 October and closes on 6 November.

Other public sector unions are also stepping up their campaigning over pay, strengthening our position and putting more pressure on the government. 

Royal College of Nursing says Scrap the Cap

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) campaigned throughout the summer to scrap the 1% cap on their pay and on 10 October, health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced in the House of Commons that the NHS pay cap had been scrapped.

The RCN’s campaign continues as RCN negotiators will be exploring what Jeremy Hunt meant by ‘more flexible negotiations’.  Their campaign will continue to apply pressure on the government through face-to-face meetings with MPs – to ensure that the pay award closes the gap on years of real-terms pay cuts.

The national education union (previously NUT and ATL) says “We will continue to challenge the government to reverse its attacks on the national pay structure.”  It also has an online pay loss calculator and is encouraging its members to get involved in the TUC’s fair pay for public servants campaign.

The Prison Officer’s Association (POA) supported several motions on public sector pay at TUC conference.  Steve Gillan, their general secretary, said, “Everyone deserves a pay rise after years of austerity. Worker should not be pitched against worker to see who is more deserving. It should not be a race to the bottom. We are not asking for favours − just fairness, no matter where our members work.”

UNISON’s Pay Up Now! Campaign

Public sector union UNISON, which represents over 1.3 million members, is running a Pay Up Now! campaign, highlighting the problems experienced by its members, particularly in the NHS.

Similar to our own campaign, UNISON has a pay calculator for its members to work out how much they have lost under the pay cap and is supporting events such as the 17 October rally and lobby of parliament.  It has also had a parliamentary petition which will see MPs debate public sector pay on 4 December.

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