Preventing unemployment and campaigning for economic recovery

15 Sep 2020

The TUC promises that unions will fight for decent jobs with fair pay to enable Britain to get out of the recession caused by Covid-19.

In the statement on Preventing unemployment and building a better recovery, which opened the second day of this year’s TUC congress, the general council paid tribute to the working people who have got us through the pandemic, and vowed that they must not be made to bear the burden of the aftermath.

Speaking in the debate, PCS president and DWP worker Fran Heathcote highlighted the pivotal role that PCS members have played in delivering essential services during the pandemic.

She went on to say: “If public services are to cope with the huge demands that they will continue to face, it’s clear that the government must address underinvestment. This problem is particularly acute in the civil service, which has been plagued by low pay, job losses and office closures.”

She described the current social security system as not “fit for purpose”, saying that those who are trying to help claimants are “hamstrung by a system that is hellbent on punishing people rather than helping them. Rebuilding our social security net is a top priority. The knowledgeable and experienced staff of the DWP should be integral in this.”

She also said:

  • The government should embrace changes to the way we work such as remote working
  • We cannot go back to “business as usual” and options such as a four-day week should be considered.
  • We must address the issue of taxation, targeting those who have got away with not paying their fair share for far too long.

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